GOSA Presentation Series – Go to 5: All About Two-Way Radio Technology

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Yellowstone's remoteness and topography presents unique challenges in todays always connected world. Two way radio technology is still the most reliable form of communication throughout the Greater Yellowstone area. We will cover the basics from big box store two way radios and how to program them to more advanced GMRS/FRS radios. Learn about licensing requirements, gear recomendations and tips/tricks on how to operate your radios effecively.

GOSA Presentation Series – Geyser Gazing in New Zealand

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Geyser gazing in New Zealand is a different experience than Yellowstone: a combination of the familiar and the different. Suzanne Strasser and Heinrich Koenig will present a perspective based on their two recent visits. They will discuss the thermal areas they visited, how they maximized their observation time and opportunities, what they would do again and what they would do differently on their next visit. Information on reference materials and maps will be provided.

GOSA Presentation Series – The power of continuous, long-term hydrothermal monitoring

Norris Geyser Basin is the only thermal area in Yellowstone with permanent monitoring equipment that telemeters data for storage in public databases. Mara Reed, PhD candidate at UC Berkeley, will share insights from ongoing research on Steamboat Geyser and Norris disturbances that highlight the necessity of long-term monitoring.