Past Presentations

2024 Presentation Series

Go to 5: All About Two Way Radios

Presenter: Art Haeussler

Yellowstone’s remoteness and topography presents unique challenges in todays always connected world. Two way radio technology is still the most reliable form of communication throughout the Greater Yellowstone area. We will cover the basics from big box store two way radios and how to program them to more advanced GMRS/FRS radios. Learn about licensing requirements, gear recomendations and tips/tricks on how to operate your radios effecively.

Introduction to Giant

Presenter: Tara Cross

Overview of historical active phases, related features in the Giant-Grotto system, and when to look for Giant Hot Periods.

Additional Documents and Links

When To Walk Away – A New Look Into Old Data

Presenter: Demetri Stoumbos

Geyser interval statistics have long been a useful tool for gazers, primarily seen as a histogram and an average. Here we will look at a different way to crunch the numbers and tease out some trends that lie hidden in how we’re used to seeing the data.