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The Geyser e-mail List-Server is a moderated discussion group for those interested in geysers. Besides discussing issues of interest to the gazer community, reports of current geyser activity are also frequently posted.

To subscribe just go to the following web page and follow the directions

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Send submittals to address [] or by replying on the group web page[]. All postings from new members will be screened by the moderator to guarantee compliance with the Geyser List Charter (see the next section) and, unless there are extenuating circumstances, posted to the group.

The SPUT (a bi-monthly GOSA publication) Editors reserve the right to publish geyser-activity information in whole, in part or as condensed, unless your posting begins with an explicit denial, such as “Permission for republication is denied.” SPUT Editors will request permission before publishing anything beyond geyser-activity information.

This mailing list is a moderated group that deals with any news about geysers and thermal features, anything that affects these features or their surroundings or the people who watch them. It deals primarily with Yellowstone National Park, but submittals about other geyser areas around the world are also welcomed.

Below are listed some, BUT NOT ALL, of the types of submittals that are appropriate to this group.

Submittals about current geyser activity are greatly encouraged. No piece of information in this area is too small or insignificant. The accuracy of the report is the responsibility of the person making the report.

Clarifications or corrections of previous posts are greatly encouraged. It is more important to try to get out correct information than to feel embarrassed about sending out incorrect information previously. Every-one makes mistakes. Clarifications and corrections should not be accusatory in tone.

News about vandalism or other activities that have a negative affect on the thermal features is greatly encouraged.

News about Geyser Gazers or actions that will affect them is appropriate.

News about dangers, such as bear activity near back country thermal features, is appropriate.

Below are listed the types of posts that are not acceptable:

Posts describing how to carry out an illegal activity will not be sent out to the list. News about an illegal activity that has occurred, such as vandalism of a geyser, are encouraged but a tutorial on how to do it is not allowed.

Any reports that were obtained illegally will be rejected. (Link to laws and policies in Yellowstone National Park can be found here:

Attacks against other people (flames) are discouraged and people that engage in such activity will be encouraged to leave the group.

a) Know the rules and regulations pertaining to the area you are visiting. In Yellowstone that means staying on trail in thermal areas unless you have been given permission from the park administration to leave the trail.

b) In areas outside Yellowstone National Park where regulations may be different.

c) Never stand closer than your height to the edge of something dangerous (so that if you keel over you won’t fall in)

d) Never stand close to a geyser that you do not understand, and

e) DEFINITELY!! Try to avoid leaving unsightly footprints.

We have a full backup available of the List Serv from August 2004 through June 2017. Please visit

A full archive of the old List Serv is available from the National Parks Archive and available at the Heritage & Research Center (HRC) for more information please visit:

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The Sput is a bi-monthly publication.

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The Geyser Gazer Sput welcomes photo and article submissions! here is a downloadable version of the Spot Style Guide. If you have questions, contact the Sput Editor at


One of the tenets of the non-profit Geyser Observation and Study Association (GOSA) is the dissemination of information about geysers. To this end, GOSA publishes the GOSA Transactions. The transactions consist of juried articles concerning both scientific and observational research studies involving geysers and geyser fields around the world as well as geyser histories.

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Digital copies of all GOSA Transactions are available on the GOSA website.

Please be patient while we scan and upload all copies. Transactions I – XIII will be published over the next couple days. Please check back frequently