[Geysers] Important Document--Comment Period Closes in 2 Days

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Here it is in MS Word.
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I would like to read Doc #100 but it shows as illegible gibberish on my  
computer. Yes, I have Adobe Reader.

What to do?

Janet Chapple
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On Nov 16, 2016, at 4:59 PM, JEFFREY CROSS <_jeff.cross at utah.edu_ 
(mailto:jeff.cross at utah.edu) >  wrote:

Please read and take note of the following document, especially section  6 
(lines 215-264).

The public comment period closes on **November 18th.**

There is little time.

Think about the implications of this policy, please.


Jeff Cross
_jeff.cross at utah.edu_ (mailto:jeff.cross at utah.edu) 


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