[Geysers] Moderator Comment: Recent Irregularities

Udo Freund udofreund317 at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 21:03:05 PST 2016

Thx for all of your efforts.

Udo Freund
On Mar 12, 2016 9:33 PM, "Carlton Cross" <Carlton.Cross at wallawalla.edu>

> Recently, quite a number of you have been blocked from receiving geyser
> postings and/or you received a message saying that your list membership was
> disabled.  We have not found a specific reason why this event happened;
> however, the Internet is a wild place where a very high fraction of email
> is spam, some of which is malicious.  For a large list like ours (about 450
> addresses), there are many possible triggers for automatic defensive
> action, usually in the form of blocking outgoing email from the mailing
> list.  In this recent case, many addresses on the list were also disabled.
> Again, we don’t know specifically why.
> Yesterday, I restored the disabled addresses, so we should be back to
> normal.
> Carlton Cross
> Moderator
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