[Geysers] Moderator Comment: Recent Irregularities

Carlton Cross Carlton.Cross at wallawalla.edu
Sat Mar 12 20:31:49 PST 2016

Recently, quite a number of you have been blocked from receiving geyser postings and/or you received a message saying that your list membership was disabled.  We have not found a specific reason why this event happened;  however, the Internet is a wild place where a very high fraction of email is spam, some of which is malicious.  For a large list like ours (about 450 addresses), there are many possible triggers for automatic defensive action, usually in the form of blocking outgoing email from the mailing list.  In this recent case, many addresses on the list were also disabled.  Again, we don't know specifically why.

Yesterday, I restored the disabled addresses, so we should be back to normal.

Carlton Cross
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