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Mon Mar 14 08:02:34 PDT 2016

Good discussion about 3 different features are within this thread.

So, to clarify,  "Fandango" will be UNNG-GHG_14, correct?

Which bring up a question for Scott -  at what point do you assign a number?

Obviously a "G" in the UNNG implies it is periodic and acting as a geyser.
Will "Thing Near Plume" be next?  Udo's report of water to 2 feet is intriguing!
Can't wait to go look at these, next month!


MA Bellingham
mabellingham at gmail.com

On 3/10/16, TSBryan at aol.com <TSBryan at aol.com> wrote:
> Well, once again I seem to have posted something to the geysers list
> (yesterday) and today others have apparently seen it but I have not. Ah,
> well.
> Anyhow, thank you, Pat, for posting your photos. However, they absolutely
> and positively do not show Clastic Geyser, and I certainly have never used
> that name for this feature. As far as I am concerned, you can use your name,
>  "Fandango," as an informal name. (For purposes of my book, which likely is
> still  at least a year from a new edition, I am putting this name into the
> text, and  also identifying it as UNNG-GHG-14),
> Attached is a slightly enlarged JPG of the USGS map of Geyser Hill. I have
> placed two arrows on it. One points at the name of Clastic.  You will see
> that Clastic is way on up across the central part of Geyser Hill. The other,
>  angled arrow, points at, or at least to the area of, "Fandango"/the thing
> in  Pat's photos, and which a number of years ago was erroneously identified
> as  Borah Peak Geyser. It might be represented by the circle right below
> the word  "boiler," but more likely is a bit to the left of that.
> T. Scott Bryan
> P.S. As I have pointed out in the past, on these USGS maps, most of the
> names (and all of them in this case) were written by Dr. Donald E. White
> with
> the assistance of George Marler.
> P.P.S. I just might post this to Facebook, too, since there are problems
> with the listserv.

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