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Mon Mar 14 10:00:25 PDT 2016

I decide to assign a number on something when it both shows signs of  
"permanency" and/or gets a lot of attention in what might turn out to be a short  
life. In this case, this geyser has been observed for many years and, 
although  I did not previously give it a number or name, I did mention it in my 
book  (current edition, page 55 where I note [as I have done online] that it 
was  incorrectly identified as Borah Peak Geyser in the early 2000s. It is 
because of  the attention it is generating plus the fact that it is, perhaps, 
getting larger  that I feel it deserves a number along with what appears to 
be an acceptable  name. So yes: UNNG-GHG-14 ("Fandango Geyser").
Will I assign a number to the "thing" near Plume. No, because in my opinion 
 it is simply one more appearance of the feature(s) that in the past 
included the  small geyser known as "Ballcap." 
T. Scott Bryan
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mabellingham at gmail.com writes:

So, to  clarify,  "Fandango" will be UNNG-GHG_14, correct?

Which bring up  a question for Scott -  at what point do you assign a  

Obviously a "G" in the UNNG implies it is periodic and acting  as a geyser.
Will "Thing Near Plume" be next?  Udo's report of water  to 2 feet is 
Can't wait to go look at these, next  month!

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