[Geysers] new breakout near Sponge Geyser

Stjohn, James stjohn.2 at osu.edu
Wed Mar 9 07:00:28 PST 2016

In response to MA Bellingham's recent request for information on the new breakout near Sponge Geyser, I have put together all the still photos and film clips I have of this feature into a youtube video:

For specifics on each clip and photo, see the caption under the video itself - click on "Show More".

I only have sporadic visual information on the feature - I photodocumented it only once a year starting in 2013.

I have not heard any informal nicknames applied to this feature.

Oh - the still photos of the feature in summer 2013 show a piece of chewing gum that some bonehead dropped between the two small spitting vents.  I considered trying to photoshop the gum away, because it's ugly and not natural, but I left the photos as they are.


James St. John (School of Earth Sciences, Ohio State University at Newark)

stjohn.2 at osu.edu

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