[Geysers] Tragedy at Norris

David Monteith dmonteit at comcast.net
Tue Jun 7 18:41:03 PDT 2016

There was a Tragedy at Norris Geyser Basin today 6/7/2016.  

>From <http://www.kpax.com/story/32169090/yellowstone-national-park-visi

Yellowstone National Park visitor presumed dead after falling into hot
By Aja Goare - MTN News
The man fell into the hot springs of Norris Geyser Basin Tuesday
afternoon [June 7, 2016]. The man fell into the hot springs of Norris
Geyser Basin Tuesday afternoon. 

A Yellowstone National Park visitor is presumed dead after a witness
reported seeing the visitor fall into the Norris Geyser Basin Tuesday

According to YNP Public Affairs Officer Charissa Reid, a search is
underway for the man who disappeared in the hot spring.

Reid said the man is presumed dead because he has yet to be found.

“The recovery process is very difficult because of the hazards of the
environment,” said Reid.

Reid said the man is in his 20s, but she would not identify the man or
where he is from.

The man reportedly walked about 225 yards off the board walk before
falling in to the hot spring.

The springs are known to reach temperatures that would be deadly to
humans on contact.

Yellowstone Park officials said Tuesday evening that The Norris Geyser
Basin is currently closed and an investigation is ongoing.

Officials said they would release no further information until
tomorrow, as it becomes available.

"Norris Geyser Basin is the hottest and most changeable thermal area in
Yellowstone," according to the YNP website.

Reid said she wanted to remind people of the danger of the springs and
directed all visitors to the safety page on the YNP website.

Earlier this week, a teenage boy and his father suffered thermal burns
near the Castle Geyser. They were flown to Salt Lake City for

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