[Geysers] Geyser Report Sunday, June 5, 2016

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Sun Jun 5 17:20:49 PDT 2016

Geyser Report Sunday, June 5, 2016

The heat wave is here big time today, and tomorrow the same or a bit
warmer.  Heat wave here is 80.  It's still fairly comfortable in the shade,
but the sun is brutal.

Beehive (2352 last night wc GT) 1401 GT
Beehive's Indicator Geyser:  1357 GT
Grand: 0313E GT, 1014 G2Q
West Triplet: 0800ie GT, 1036
Castle: 0812 minor, 1234 GT
Lion: 0627 wc GT, 0749, 0904, 1037 ns, 1150 wc minor GT
Oblong: 0455 ie wc GT, 0939
Daisy: 0659 frs, 0939
Artemisia: 0725ie GT
Great Fountain: 1244
Pink Cone had wisps of water in the steam at 0707
Till was in steam at 1154--did not see water as I passed

The "trail" from the pullout S of Steel Bridge parking now has a sawhorse
with a closed sign and there were only 3-4 cars there yesterday and today.
The 1 mile "no parking" from Midway Butte North is being honored.  Mary
Mountain Trail remains closed.  I have yet to see steam from Morning Mist
in the AM as I pass the bridge.  Lynn Stephens reported that the trail from
Biscuit Basin to Splendid is open as of today.

There was a long pause after the start of Great Fountain, which I neglected
to document.

Plans are underway for a Marler  (and Mike Lang) Birthday party 6/28 at the
lower store porch in the early afternoon.

Barbara Lasseter
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