[Geysers] Eruption data request (Relay from Scott Bryan)

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Interesting, if this comment was directed to me personally,  as I was last into Shoshone in 2007. When I most decidedly did post.

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    While I agree more data is always 
preferable  A quick check of GeyserTimes 
shows only 4 or 5 people who have ever posted Shoshone Data, and absolutely 
no data posted by those who are finding fault with how that 
data was entered.


I know you have been back there in the recent past, so I 
respectfully, request your data be posted before finding fault with those who 
actually took the time to make a record.


Thank You


Clark Murray


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  a number of observations of geysers at Shoshone were posted to GeyserTimes, 
  but that data included only the eruption times and no information about 
  durations or heights, nor even in some cases, whether or not the given 
  interval was closed or not. Information of that sort is extremely valuable, 
  and necessary for any reasonable archive.
  I and others (at least one of whom requested that I post this) ask that 
  when observations are made (in the frontcountry, too), that posts be made to 
  this list with descriptions in addition to raw data.
  Scott Bryan

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