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Tue Jan 5 10:40:12 PST 2016

I couldn't find your article on ESI, but did find one on GSA - is this 
the one?

Janet White

On 1/3/2016 7:26 PM, EK Esawi wrote:
> Hello All—
> My name is EK Esawi. I published two papers about the Yellowstone N. 
> Park; one, with a colleague of mine, was published in 2013 and freely 
> accessible from Geotimes. The 2^nd one, which is the subject of this 
> email, is where I basically took the data on the GOSA site from 
> 1970-2011 and I cleaned, reorganized, and standardized it. The purpose 
> of the cleaning and standardization was to make the data usable for 
> computation. The paper is just published in the journal of Earth 
> Science Informatics.
> My request, since you’re all familiar with the original data, is 
> basically a feedback on what you think of the new dataset, any 
> suggestion for improving it, and a proper internet site for posting it 
> provided it will be accessible to the public. Please find attached the 
> abstract, introduction, and two tables; table1 shoes a snapshot of the 
> original data and table 2 shows the same for the cleaned data. I will 
> be happy to send the whole paper and the new dataset to anyone 
> interested in reading it.
> Thanks in advance—EK Esawi
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