[Geysers] Photo request

Janet Chapple jochapple at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 10 10:42:31 PDT 2016

Hello geyser gazer photographers!

My publisher-cum-daughter has just set up a quickie photo contest to help us acquire new pix for the upcoming fifth edition of our guidebook Yellowstone Treasures. Several gazers have helped us in the past with phenomenal shots. If this might interest you, please take a look at: 
http://www.yellowstonetreasures.com/yellowstone-treasures-guidebook/yellowstone-national-park-photo-contest/ <http://www.yellowstonetreasures.com/yellowstone-treasures-guidebook/yellowstone-national-park-photo-contest/>. 

And happy late-season gazing. Go Giant! (Don’t we wish.)

Janet Chapple
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