[Geysers] Geyser Report Sunday, August 14, 2016

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Sun Aug 14 16:19:09 PDT 2016

Geyser Report Sunday, August 14, 2016

On my way into the UGB I saw elk, bison, a swan, and a coyote.  Traffic was
light.  We have the Maple fire just N of West Yellowstone and the Fawn fire
a bit further north, along with many other fires in surrounding areas, all
contributing to the hazy skies, and colorful sunrises and sunsets.

Great Fountain was late in its eruption when I arrived during a rest period
at 0700.  I didn't see water above the crater rim until 0714, and then only
a handful of 6-8 foot bursts.  Pink cone looked very promising--road
bubblers were going strong, and the thumbhole was surging, but Fan & Mortar
were waiting, so I continued to the UGB.

Kit Barger called water in Beehive's Indicator at 0756, followed by the
Indicator at 0757.  I headed for the overlook, gathering visitors as I
went.  Beehive erupted at 0815.

There was no information about Grand since yesterday, so that was my next
stop.  The logger download was 0353E, but I chose to stay until the window
opened.  A call from Jim Scheirer at Fan and Mortar changed that plan.
 (Daisy 1007ie en route and Riverside at 1017ns from the bridge)

Fan and Mortar erupted at 1050, with rainbows despite the hazy skies.
Hurrying back to Grand, I was stopped by Oblong (1105), then enjoyed the
Grand view on the approach from the North (1110ns, 1 burst, turban start,
turban and vent continued).  I am clueless how to code that one.  Turban at
0841 (Steve Robinson), then 0915 (D-0), 0937, 0959--then off to F&M.

>From there to Castle (1135 minor), with a distant view of Uncertain (1200
Kitt Barger).

Having such a great geyser day encouraged me to try for Pink Cone, which,
not surprisingly, had finished, but I was rewarded with Pink at 1227ie.

Fountain had not been reported since 1725A yesterday, but my luck and
Fountain's regular intervals held. (1254).

The elk on the West Entrance road near the campground were not accompanied
by a traffic jam, and my trip home was smooth.  I encountered several
gazers today who had arrived since my last visit to Old Faithful area, a
couple of whom were leaving today.  I might have missed seeing those folks,
if only briefly, were it not for this day of golden timing!

Barbara Lasseter
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