[Geysers] Geyser Report Friday, September 4, 2015

Barbara Lasseter barbara.lasseter at gmail.com
Fri Sep 4 10:25:19 PDT 2015

Geyser Report Friday, September 4, 2015

Short, foggy 4 hour visit to the park this AM.  Lemon Spring was several
inches below overflow when I first passed it yesterday AM, and up a bit
each subsequent drive by.  It was in overflow this AM just prior to 0620.

Great Fountain was in boiling overflow at 0620 and had the first big bursts
at 0642 (ns), with the waterfall shortly thereafter.

The boardwalk work at Firehole Lake (Black warrior Lake) progresses
slowly.  The collapsed stretch across the hot cascades has been removed.
The new boardwalk planks are in along the road's edge as far as the
walkway's bend, and has the older planks in place beyond that to the breach
over the cascades.

The loop road across Fountain Flat is 25mph no passing.  The damaged top
layer of asphalt on the northbound side has been removed.

The fog persisted until after 0830, preventing the sun from warming things

Beehive erupted last night at 1931.  Jim Scheirer estimated this morning's
Grand to have been about 0500-0530.  Castle at 0721 (major) was interesting
in the fog.

As I returned home, an impressive bull elk on the hillside just E of 7 mile
bridge was attracting photographers in the big pull out.

Barbara Lasseter
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