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David Schwarz david.schwarz at alumni.duke.edu
Wed May 21 08:42:38 PDT 2014

A couple of reference photos from the Digital Slide File, which clearly
show that the small vent is the major eruptive vent:



Note the larger "pressure pool" drained in the foreground of both photos.

David Schwarz

On Tue, May 20, 2014 at 8:08 PM, Michael Goldberg <goldbeml at ucmail.uc.edu>wrote:

> On May 14, Ryan Maurer reported seeing eruptive activity from Lakeshore.
> Here is his description attached to the observation at 09:17 (copy/pasted
> from GeyserTimes.org).
>     "Intermittent boiling from the main vent every 30-40s, one of these
> built into a violent boiling to a foot to a foot and a half with droplets
> and splashes to 2-3ft.  Dropped to boiling 6-9inches and pumping out a LOT
> of water after a few seconds or so of the big stuff.  Eruption stopped and
> the intermittent surges became less frequent and less powerful.  Saw no
> more steam from it ten-fifteen later."
> [I'd be interested to know which hole is the "main vent" in this recent
> activity.  If I remember correctly from old pictures, past eruptions came
> from the smaller lakeward vent.]
> Michael Goldberg
> Michael.Goldberg at uc.edu
> On Sun, 18 May 2014, Leslie wrote:
>  For the several minutes I was there around 10:20 a.m. MDT today (Sunday,
>> May 18th), the larger vent of Lakeshore Geyser was in a continuous boil
>> that reached six to eight inches in height at times. The smaller vent was
>> quiet.
>> Leslie Quinn
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