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Janet White janet at snowmoon.us
Wed May 21 08:47:19 PDT 2014

Here's what I posted on Facebook yesterday (20 May 2014):

Mike and I headed over to West Thumb today - hope to have a more 
complete trip report up on Geyser Watch in the next day or two (depends 
on how other things go), but the center boardwalk thermal features are 
basically empty from Perforated Pool to Twin Geyser on the lake side of 
the boardwalk (plus one on the other side). Water levels in most pools 
are low except for the thermal features along the water - they're as 
full as seen in the past few years.

And they've changed the boardwalk around the paint pots area.

As for the action at Lakeshore, I took a few videos and will work to get 
them up ASAP for those that want to see. The level of the lake is close 
to drowning it out, so if you're planning to head that way, the next few 
days would probably be good ones.

Many thanks to Ryan for the heads up on this.
And I'm attaching the photo from my iPhone.

Janet White
janet at snowmoon.us

On 5/20/2014 7:08 PM, Michael Goldberg wrote:
> On May 14, Ryan Maurer reported seeing eruptive activity from 
> Lakeshore. Here is his description attached to the observation at 
> 09:17 (copy/pasted from GeyserTimes.org).
>     "Intermittent boiling from the main vent every 30-40s, one of 
> these built into a violent boiling to a foot to a foot and a half with 
> droplets and splashes to 2-3ft.  Dropped to boiling 6-9inches and 
> pumping out a LOT of water after a few seconds or so of the big 
> stuff.  Eruption stopped and the intermittent surges became less 
> frequent and less powerful.  Saw no more steam from it ten-fifteen 
> later."
> [I'd be interested to know which hole is the "main vent" in this 
> recent activity.  If I remember correctly from old pictures, past 
> eruptions came from the smaller lakeward vent.]
> Michael Goldberg
> Michael.Goldberg at uc.edu
> On Sun, 18 May 2014, Leslie wrote:
>> For the several minutes I was there around 10:20 a.m. MDT today 
>> (Sunday, May 18th), the larger vent of Lakeshore Geyser was in a 
>> continuous boil that reached six to eight inches in height at times. 
>> The smaller vent was quiet.
>> Leslie Quinn
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