[Geysers] Geyser Report Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon July 18-21, 2014

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Mon Jul 21 21:41:39 PDT 2014

Thanks for the reports Barbara.
However, I don't see electronic times of 1033E and 1559E on Wed 7/16 for Great Fountain.  I see 1033E on 7/17, 1130E on 7/16, but don't see any 1559E anywhere during July.  Using the data on geysertimes, I can't find anything near a 5 1/2 hour interval.  That would be an amazingly short interval, almost as short as the intervals that precede Great Fountain entering wild phase.

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> Subject: [Geysers] Geyser Report Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon July 18-21, 2014
> Geyser Report Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon July 18-21, 2014
> I don't seem to have been allocating my gazing time well recently, but
> here goes.
> Today, Monday, July 21, 2014:

> I went back to Great fountain, which had not yet been in overflow as I
> drove past on my way in.  Yesterday's 1101 time gave me hope I would
> catch the overflow.  No worries on that account!  First overflow was
> 1259.  We had a so-so eruption at 1422 p=5e.  The electronic for the
> overnight was night was 0033E.  Must have been a great eruption!  All
> this while the VC interval is currently 10-3/4hr, and, remember, I
> spent last Thursday again watching a hopeless pool only to hear it had
> an approx 5-1/2hr interval (per electronic time 1033E and 1559E on Wed
> 7/16).  G-r-r-r.
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