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Many (probably most but not all) of these features are included in the  
database produced a few years ago, which provides coordinates, photos, etc. It  
is available at: 
Roof Geyser, for example, has its location cited as 44.4632918,  
Scott Bryan
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I am currently updating all the coordinates and links for the geysers on  
GT and need some help on a few features listed below. If you could help me 
out  on the coordinates part by providing maps or pictures (labeled if needed) 
to  make sure that I have things correct would be awesome. The format GT 
uses is  decimal degrees so for example this is what is stored for Old 
Faithful: 44.4604640,-110.8281550. 
Thank you for your help in advance on the  list below,
Will Boekel
Features that need a bit of  help:
    New, Inverted, Roof, Surge, Round, Abuse, Tilt (does  anyone have a 
good location photo?), Gizmo, Model, Slot, Silver globe complex  (probably a 
map plus pictures needed here),Boardwalk
NTFL, Kaleidoscope Group(Kaleidoscope, Drain, Honeycomb, Honey’s  Vent,Deep 
Blue,Fire hose), Frolic (I know there are two features out there but  which 
Norris: (most of these just need a conformation that the marker is close  
to the correct hole and just needs a tweak since I used the RCN data)
Bear Den, Pequito, Bastille, Africa, Valentine, Pinto, Fireball, Ledge,  
Incline, Orby, Tantalus,  Fan

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