[Geysers] Norris update: Late Oct through Closing Day

MA Bellingham mabdepot at msn.com
Thu Nov 7 10:04:53 PST 2013

Greetings again gazers –

The following is based on my own observations, with added information/times
from others. As we know, Norris may change at any moment.  The trends described are purely my own
opinions based on what information we have.  

Sunday Nov 3, Closing Day, Yellowstone roads did not open
until 1230-ish from the North Entrance, and the Norris lot had one lane plowed
and a small area of parking cleared. 
Canyon received 11 inches of snow and Norris was well above my
ankles.  Thanks to NPS for clearing
roads, some pullouts and parking lots so we could enjoy one final look at our
favorite places.  Now on MT Standard
Time, it was a short afternoon, but since they might have opted to clear roads
for admin travel only and not reopen to the public, (leaving parking lots and
pullouts closed), every hour on Closing Day was a bonus.  With deep fresh snow and mostly blue skies, it
was gorgeous.  After a trying month during the shutdown, Special Thanks again to NPS
administration, LE staff, and snow plow drivers!  

During closing week Vixen Geyser underwent an abrupt shift
in intervals, apparently between my visit on Oct 26 and Gordon Bower’s
observations on the 27th. 
Steve Eide and I were both in the Back Basin at different times on Oct 31 which helped with a
longer span of observations.  The
intervals as entered on GT seem to have shifted back to the “pre-shutdown,
pre-disturbance” time of around 30 minutes (+/- 10)  in contrast to the disturbance mode
of around 10 minutes.   The gurgling
pre-eruptive noises of water returning to the system following “the drain” did
not return ASAP as they did during the short intervals, it was fairly obvious.  

Durations, however, did not revert back to the late
September model, the majors continued! Durations were still all over the board;
as short as 30 seconds to a wonderful major I witnessed on Oct 31st
lasting 21 minutes! 

You can access this data (last 100 Vixen eruptions) with
interval information at:


Whirligig continued to have minors between majors, with the
regular/major eruptions about 5 times per day, based on the YVO graph.   Pre-shutdown I had hoped to add ONE more to
my 2013 observations; needless to say I was thrilled with the final 2 weeks time spent at
the Constant bench.  I was fortunate to see
10 more Whirligigs for 2013 since the gates opened post-shutdown.  (I also observed 10 minors, which as you
know, is still a fun ‘jump off the bench’ moment when both vents begin, even if
it doesn’t last long. Minors didn't seem to affect the intervals, so in a way it was a bonus if you love a Whirligig start!  The colors, waves and sounds are so great!)  

Durations observed by myself ranged from just under 3
minutes to over 7 minutes, while Kent Morby witnessed a 10 minute Whirligig. For
my final eruption of 2013, Whirligig slowed down and I prepared to note the
time in my book, but it restarted and I enjoyed a wonderful encore of 2 more minutes as a great
way to close my year.  The alpenglow of
the evening sunlight (MST, 1650!) had just risen higher than the crater, the
clouds were a stunning orange-yellow but the eruption was not in the daylight
and was dark, shady and steamy.  It was not a
photo-op moment, but I loved it as a great end to the 2013 season. I was the
only one there, and I was smiling. 

Post-shutdown through closing day, Arsenic and Fireball were
both active.  Constant was cycling at
about 17 minutes, but airborne eruptions were few and far between.

Graceful Geyser was still erupting through closing day; exact duration
and interval was hard to read in the snowy, steamy conditions, particularly
from the Constant bench.  

Thanks to my many friends who enjoyed these fun geysers and
the remarkable shift in activity with me this fall. I look forward to a few
scattered reports from tour drivers when the winter season gets underway. 

See you on Opening Day!


M.A. Bellingham

mabdepot at msn.com
attached: Vixen on closing day. 

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