[Geysers] '11-'12 winter phenomena

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Thanks for the report on Cauliflower Carolyn.  Buried in my January report
was my info on the geyser from 1/20/2012, repeated below.


I did see a couple of eruptions of Cauliflower - just a couple of bursts
2-4' each.  After seeing it once I waited 20min but the water level dropped
and I moved on.  On my way back the water was up and I stayed, watched it
flood and then erupt.  Interval between my sightings was 104 minutes. 


Graham Meech


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Sunday I skied to the various new-and-different activity spots in the basin.

I got to North Goggle at 1244, saw another short minor (not reported) at
1246 (d~2 min.) and saw a normal Goggles cycle at 1306 (the next minor was
reported at 1312).   Bison pushed me off the Hill, so I went to Black Sand
Pool next and enjoyed the continuing thumping, eruptions to 5+ feet, and
sizzling.  I think visitors are visiting it daily, so we'll likely hear if
the activity stops during the rest of the season.
The other thing I've been meaning to mention is Cauliflower eruptions to 5
feet or so.  This was noticed first 2/2, 1355 i.e., duration over 15
seconds.  I saw another in progress on 2/5 at 1529 i.e. on a snowmobile
drive-by.  Attempts to persuade guides to watch for more activity have
failed, so far.
Fan & Mortar, and Giant, are checked daily, to no effect.
Carolyn Loren

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