[Geysers] North Goggles not seen the last 3 hours of today 2/13/12

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Thu Feb 16 15:31:22 PST 2012

I thank David for all the info  he's been posting, but I must enter a 
correction here. 
That spring with the railing,  down the trail from North Goggles toward 
Liberty Pool, is "Rubber Pool" [name,  to me, first heard from Clark Murray]. 
It is NOT Frog Pool.  That term in the plural should be applied only to the 
group of (now) cool  springs that lie between Liberty and "Rubber Pool," as 
shown below in the  following quote from Whittlesey's "Wonderland 
FROG POOLS---See East Frog Pool, West  Frog Pool.  The Frog Pools were  
named in 1959 by park geologist George Marler for the fact that frogs inhabited 
 these cool springs prior to the 1959 earthquake.  Following that quake the 
springs heated  up and killed the frogs.  The  springs are in the Grand 
Group of Upper Geyser Basin--"three springs lying to  the east of Liberty 
Pool."_[1]_ (aoldb://mail/write/template.htm#_ftn1)   The middle spring is known 
also as Dark  Algal Pond. 
In the above, please note the  word "three" and the relationship to Liberty 
"Rubber Pool" is NOT one of the  collective Frog Pools. 

With all that, I had never  previously heard the name of "Frog Geyser" 
applied to my UNNG-CGG-6. Not that it  is a bad name, but I do not feet that it 
is applicable since its physical  position is not among the Frog Pools. 
Scott Bryan 

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david.schwarz at alumni.duke.edu writes:

   Anyway, "Frog Pool" is the first name I heard for the large  pool with a 
railing between Liberty Pool and Lion (I've also heard "Rubber  Pool").  
"Frog Geyser" is the feature across the boardwalk from it, a  smaller pool 
with an oblong vent.  The eruptions I saw consisted of heavy  boiling and minor 
splashing over the vent, with very murky  water.

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