[Geysers] North Goggles not seen the last 3 hours of today 2/13/12

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Where is Frog Geyser?

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   The closest I can remember was a series of eight eruptions in the mid-1990s (1995?) after a particularly long overflow.  All were very typical short-duration minors, and I don't think any of the intervals were as short as 20 minutes (that would have been the first fill after the previous eruption).  I think most occurred on the second or third fill.  I'll see if I can find my notes later.

   I think several other strange things happened in the general vicinity on the same day--Frog Geyser was active and murky and Marmot Cave started having small eruptions for the first time I had ever seen it.  Maybe a few other things as well--again, I'll need to find my notes.

David Schwarz

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