[Geysers] North Goggles not seen the last 3 hours of today 2/13/12

David Schwarz david.schwarz at alumni.duke.edu
Wed Feb 15 21:54:52 PST 2012

   I may have confused that day with another day as far as Frog Geyser and
Marmot Cave--There's nothing in my notes about them.

   Anyway, "Frog Pool" is the first name I heard for the large pool with a
railing between Liberty Pool and Lion (I've also heard "Rubber Pool").
 "Frog Geyser" is the feature across the boardwalk from it, a smaller pool
with an oblong vent.  The eruptions I saw consisted of heavy boiling and
minor splashing over the vent, with very murky water.

   What I can confirm we saw on July 22, 1994 was lots of North Goggle
minors, lots of eruptions of "Kitten" (across the boardwalk from the Lion
Group), and an unusual number of big, frequent boils on Giantess, which was
one of the reasons we weren't always right there at North Goggle during the
long series.

David Schwarz

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> Where is Frog Geyser?
> Jeff Cross
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>   The closest I can remember was a series of eight eruptions in the
> mid-1990s (1995?) after a particularly long overflow.  All were very
> typical short-duration minors, and I don't think any of the intervals were
> as short as 20 minutes (that would have been the first fill after the
> previous eruption).  I think most occurred on the second or third fill.
>  I'll see if I can find my notes later.
>   I think several other strange things happened in the general vicinity on
> the same day--Frog Geyser was active and murky and Marmot Cave started
> having small eruptions for the first time I had ever seen it.  Maybe a few
> other things as well--again, I'll need to find my notes.
> David Schwarz
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