[Geysers] North Goggles not seen the last 3 hours of today 2/13/12

David Schwarz david.schwarz at alumni.duke.edu
Tue Feb 14 08:35:54 PST 2012

   The closest I can remember was a series of eight eruptions in the
mid-1990s (1995?) after a particularly long overflow.  All were very
typical short-duration minors, and I don't think any of the intervals were
as short as 20 minutes (that would have been the first fill after the
previous eruption).  I think most occurred on the second or third fill.
 I'll see if I can find my notes later.

   I think several other strange things happened in the general vicinity on
the same day--Frog Geyser was active and murky and Marmot Cave started
having small eruptions for the first time I had ever seen it.  Maybe a few
other things as well--again, I'll need to find my notes.

David Schwarz

On Tue, Feb 14, 2012 at 12:16 AM, David Monteith <dmonteit at comcast.net>wrote:

> From geysertimes.org
> No eruptions of Lion were seen today, 2/13/2012.
> North Goggles   0656 wc min, 0714 wc min, 0731 wc min, 0806 wc min, 0841
> wc min, 0853 wc min, 0911 wc min, 0929 ie wc min, 1004 wc min, 1022 wc,
> 1034 ie wc, 1052 wc, 1104 wc, 1123 wc, 1200 ie wc, 1231 wc min, 1250 wc
> min, 1309 wc min, 1327 wc min, 1346 wc min, 1416 ie wc min, 1431 wc min,
> 1536 wc min -- Total of 23 eruptions reported.
> No eruption of North Goggles was seen after the 1536 eruption.  I double
> checked this on the recordings.
> Does anyone know if the behavior we've seen the past two days has been
> seen before?
> Janet White reminded me of something I forgot to mention in yesterday's
> report.  Puffing steam was seen from Goggle Spring after both 195 second
> duration eruptions of North Goggles but no water was visible on the
> webcam.  Of course water from a normal eruption of Goggle Spring is
> unlikely to be seen on the webcam.
> Dave
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