[Geysers] Remote Geyser Gazing By The Moon

william barger bkbarger at bresnan.net
Wed Feb 8 15:37:15 PST 2012

Thanks Dave.  I haven't had much success with seeing late night activity on 
the webcam on my computer, but then I don't use a computer very much.  Kitt 

On Tue, 7 Feb 2012 19:22:39 -0800
  David Monteith <dmonteit at comcast.net> wrote:
> Kitt asked a question on the webcam chat page.  She was wondering how I
> was able to see late night eruptions on the webcam.  The simple answer
> is that after midnight, after the original UGB still camera resets for
> the new day, it is possible to see eruptions by moonlight.
> The other night I was bored and decided to celebrate an unusually clear
> night sky.  I should qualify that, clear by Seattle standards.  I
> happened to take a photo of the Moon at approximately the same time that
> Old Faithful erupted in Yellowstone.  I've included my combined images.
>For clarity I brightened the Old Faithful image slightly but the
> eruption was easily visible in its original form. 
> During these long winter months, I have to be creative in my geyser
> gazing.  But it can still be fun.
> Dave

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