[Geysers] Trip report 11-4-11

Stephen Eide stepheneide at cableone.net
Fri Nov 4 20:46:48 PDT 2011

Hello all,

Not as much to report today.  Grand this morning was 0634 e and the next
was 1316 (G2C).  I think Grand is setting me up for a 12 hour interval on
closing day.  Due to watching Fountain and Black Diamond no Riversides were
seen but it did go into overflow at 0900.  The morning Daisy was at 0952
with Oblong 0950 ns but we did not catch another Daisy for the day.  Most
of the afternoon was spent watching Black Diamond.  The pool does rise and
fall a little, maybe half a centimeter up and down.  It also sometimes has
weak waves out of the vent.  In spite of that Black Diamond did not erupt
by the time Bill Warnock left it about 1700.  This morning Salt and Pepper
has cleared a little compared to yesterday evening but still had obsidian
sand and rocks in it all day.  No new debris was found on the boardwalk so
the guess is that it did not erupt overnight but who knows?

Castle was at 0903 and was a major.  Maybe it will do a major again
tonight.  I don't know if it has done two majors in a row since the

I missed the Beehive this evening but it continues to have double intervals
(we think they are doubles) that are a few minutes to two hours over 24
hours.  Fountain overnight averaged just over six hours but the afternoon
Fountain had an interval over seven hours (1138 and 1846).

The weather was great in the morning, cold but with a clear sky and no
fog.  In the afternoon clouds started to move in and the snow started just
after sunset.  So far it is just a skiff and it is not supposed to drop
more than an inch or two.  It is supposed to clear tomorrow and be partly
cloudy on Sunday but continued cold.

Stephen Eide
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