[Geysers] Thanks: Loud Steam Phases

JEFFREY CROSS jeff.cross at utah.edu
Fri Nov 4 23:14:56 PDT 2011

Thanks to all who sent information on loud steam phases.

My table is more filled-in now than it was before.

For those who are interested, here is the current list:

Steamboat		1.2 miles
Giantess		0.9 miles
Beehive		0.4 miles
Castle			0.4 miles
Splendid		0.8 miles
Mortar			0.4 miles
Whistle            0.2 miles
Clepsydra (back vent)	0.3 miles
Ledge			0.1 miles
Dark Cavern		0.5 miles
Africa			0.5 miles
Porkchop		0.4 miles
Avalanche		0.2 miles
Lone Star		0.2 miles
Lion (Shoshone)

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