[Geysers] Q regarding mud pots at Imperial Geyser

Stephen Eide stepheneide at cableone.net
Wed Oct 20 10:05:41 PDT 2010

Hello Bill,

I know there as been some mud pots on the west side of Imperial for at least
the last decade.  I usually end up visiting the area late in the summer when
they are more like mud thumpers, not much mud, just a deep thumping noise
maker.  I seem to remember reading somewhere the mud pots have been there
for a lot longer than that.

Stephen Eide

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 1:14 PM, Bill Johnson <mwjohnson at lanl.gov> wrote:

> I feel the need to apologize twice for this inquiry.  First, I should have
> made it six weeks ago, when we were at the park and could act on any
> followup.  Second, I may be the only person on the mailing list who doesn't
> already know the answer!  But anyway:
> When my wife and I hiked out to Imperial Geyser (OK, *New* Imperial Geyser)
> last month, we noticed what looked like the beginnings of a mud pot very
> near the trail on the "upstream" side of the old Imperial crater.  I've
> never seen anything about mud pots at or near Imperial in any of the sources
> I've consulted (certainly not an exhaustive list) and have been wondering
> whether this is a new feature.  Anybody got anything on it?  I can post a
> not-very-impressive photograph if there's interest.
> -- Bill J.
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