[Geysers] New geyser data

Michael Goldberg goldbeml at ucmail.uc.edu
Mon Dec 21 20:19:52 PST 2009

Some highly unscientific remarks about the Lion data:

Since October 15 the series length has ranged from 1 to 35 eruptions.
No pattern is clearly evident however there appears to be fewer short 
series toward the end of the data set.

Sometime back in September I estimated the quiet period from the 
end of one series to the following initial eruption to be 6-13 hours.

Since October 15 the full range has been 8:01 -- 56:23, with a mean and 
median both in the mid-30s.  There may be some correlation with long 
series begin followed by longer stretches of quiet, however there are at 
least a couple of prominent exceptions to that rule.  For instance the 
35-eruption series had only 15:46 of downtime afterwards, while one series 
of 2 eruptions brought about a rest of 46:35.

Longer periods of quiet did not seem to influence the length of the series 
that followed.

Please note that I did not subject the data to any rigorous statistical 

Michael Goldberg
Michael.Goldberg at uc.edu

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