[Geysers] Mysterious snow shapes - snow rolls

Janet Chapple jochapple at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 31 19:53:16 PDT 2008

That's an interesting picture, and, if those cylinders were caused by 
wind blowing snow in one steady direction to make them, and if they 
then turned over onto one flat side, the result of those actions would 
be what I and some others saw on the Webcam. Maybe when the present new 
foot or so of new snow melts, we'll see this phenomenon again.


On Mar 30, 2008, at 5:34 PM, David Crotty wrote:

> Since we don't have pictures of the ones you saw, I found a photo of 
> some on the web. My brother in law showed us some from Northern KY a 
> few years ago but I have lost the images. The photo attached here is 
> not quite as dramatic as the ones he sent.  His were hollow tubes 
> really. Is this what we are talking about?
> Dave Croty
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> I have not seen the ones you are mentioning but it is possible for the 
> wind to make weird tubes out of the snow as well as snowballs.  My 
> brother-in-law sent us pictures on them a few years ago that showed up 
> in the lawn at his workplace.  I have them somewhere. If I find them 
> I'll pass a few on.
> Dave Crotty
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> > Subject: [Geysers] Mysterious snow shapes
> >
> > Can anyone explain the several fairly large snowballs or flattened
> > cylinders that appear on the OFG webcam these days? I've only noticed
> > them in recent days and wonder how they got there or what the 
> mechanism
> > is that made them (like, humans or ??).
> >
> > Janet Chapple
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