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Also,  you folk who know West well -- the 
Yellowstone Country Inn (the motel  attached to the Rustler's Roost 
Restaurant) can get us in.  Anybody  know if this place is OK?  Anybody 
know of some of the less pricey  accommodations that you might not find 
so easily on the web?  

For Karen or anybody:
I actually have NOT stayed at any place but one in West (and that one is  not 
in the following). But in jy time as a tour guide plus talking with other  
people, the following all seem to be pretty nice. Note, however, that they are  
small, family operations and so not only probably not on the Web, but probably 
 also not open until the summer season has started. All are, of course, 
telephone  area code 406.
Al's Westward Ho 646-7331
Pioneer Motel 646-9705
Alpinhe Motel 646-7544
One Horse Motel 646-7677
Ho Hum Motel 646-7746
Scott Bryan -- th above are not personal recommendations, as I have not  
stayed at any of them. My favorable report is hear-say  only.

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