[Geysers] Norris 3-31-07

Mike Keller KSCOPE_YNP at peoplepc.com
Sat Mar 31 20:24:42 PDT 2007

I spent a few hours at Norris today:




Congress Pool is no longer in overflow, but it is still full and bubbling


The central area of Porcelain Basin is unchanged-dry with very little
activity.  The large perpetual spouter on the hillside along the far
northern side of Porcelain Basin is still active.


Guardian Geyser was in steady steam phase the entire time it was in view.


Valentine and Ledge Geyser have not erupted recently.


Arsenic Geyser was erupting every 3-15 minutes and reaching 1 to 5 feet.


Two of the small vents next to Lava Pool are active.


I saw one eruption of Constant Geyser.  It had 3 bursts, the largest
reaching about 15 feet.


Fireball Geyser is active and had one eruption while I was waiting for




Steamboat has recovered from whatever hit it and Cistern last month.  Minor
play was 47% concerted, with most of the play reaching 15-25 feet.


Echinus was full and looked like it hasn't erupted in some time.


Pearl Geyser was in steady eruption from 1-5 feet.


Vixen Geyser didn't erupt in the 40 minutes I was around it.


Corporal Geyser had one closed interval of 28 minutes.


Veteran Geyser erupted while I was at Steamboat, and while it had moments of
strong minor activity, it had not erupted again 90 minutes later when I left



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