[Geysers] Upper Geyser Basin, 3/12/07

Karen Low yellowstonekaren at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 12 15:49:13 PDT 2007

Today, David Goldberg I went out in the basin for a while, since it is my last day at Faithful this winter.  He needed to finish the last of the datalogger downloads.  It was nice and quiet out, with no whine of snowmobile engines; a gorgeous warm sunny day.
  Castle was in eruption at 1025, in water phase
  Grand was ie at 1121
  David and I watched Old Faithful at 11:28:36, which ended at 11:30:25.
  Plume erupted at 1131 and 1227
  Aurum was splashing nicely, with high water, so we stayed and it erupted at 1221
  Caught a glimpse of another Old Faithful at 1230ie through the trees
  Daisy erupted at 1240
  Grotto was in eruption at 1235, and seemed into a marathon, since Variable Spring and Marathon Pool had dropped and Bijou was dead.  Grotto was playing very high, with a lot of splashing out of Rocket.  Spa had a series of eruptions from below overflow around 1315.
  No Giant yet as of 1400.
  Link was boiling and overflowing heavily.  It looked like it had had a larger than normal minor recently that tore up the brown algae mats in the runoff channel.

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