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Gary Novak g.novak at gte.net
Mon Mar 12 13:11:20 PDT 2007

John Uhler, former of the Total Yellowstone Page, asked me 
to forward this on to the group.  If you would like the 
chance to make a difference and change the perception of the 
popular media (think about the recent geyser-oriented auto 
commercials or the infamous Metamucil commercial or "Super 
Volcano") you may want to contact Brett.  I know that we 
have some gazers from Utah.

And on a personal note, if anyone happens to notice with 
this appears in the Trib, I would love a link.

Gary Novak
g.novak at gte.net

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> Date: Thu, Mar-8-2007 8:42 PM
> Subject: Geyser Gazers
> Hi John,
>  I've been a fan of the Total Yellowstone page for the 
> last 8 or so
> years and a fan of Yellowstone since my first trip there 
> back in the
> early 1980s. I also love your page. I'm hoping you can 
> help me get in
> touch with some of the Geyser Gazer folks for a story I 
> want to do
> this summer in the Salt Lake Tribune. My plan is to hook 
> up with some
> volunteers, hopefully some from Utah, and spend a day or 
> two with
> them as they go about their observations. The story would 
> include
> pictures and video for our web page as well as the cover 
> of our
> weekly Outdoors section at the Salt Lake Tribune.
>  If you could shoot me some contact information, or 
> forward this
> e-mail to someone who could help me, I would appreciate 
> it.
>  Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you,
>  Brett
> Brett Prettyman
> Outdoors editor
> Salt Lake Tribune
> 90 S. 400 West, Suite 700
> Salt Lake City, Utah 84101
> 801-257-8902 office
> 801-209-5320 cell

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