[Geysers] Upper Geyser Basin 3/11/2007 and Beehive 3/12 1531 camtime.

Graham Meech meechg at verizon.net
Mon Mar 12 15:32:12 PDT 2007

Thanks for the data Karen and David.  Congratulations on your acceptance to
grad school too Karen.


I am curious when Grotto restarted on Feb 22/23.  It ended ~0715 in the
morning of the 22nd and then had a hot period before 1000 that I missed
which cleared a lot of snow from the platform (but didn't clear India).
Giant and Grotto may still have been recovering from the marathon when Giant
erupted but it wasn't the classic marathon recovery eruption where it erupts
on the first hot period after the marathon.  Giant had at least 4 hot
periods in daylight (others at 1213 d=9m, 1528, and 1712) and then erupted
overnight.  I didn't see Grotto again all day on the 22nd.


We also had Beehive at 1531 webcam time today Mar 12.  Looked like a
no-indicator eruption to me.





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Looking at Grotto's data, here is a list of which ones were or were not on
the Marathon recovery:


2/12/07  Giant 510 after a 10.5 day interval: Marathon recovery

overnight 2/17-2/18 after a 6 day interval: not Marathon recovery

overnight 2/22-2/23 after a 5 day interval: Marathon recovery

3/40/07 1345 ie after a 10.5 day interval: not Marathon recovery


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