[Geysers] Upper Geyser Basin 3/11/2007

Karen Low yellowstonekaren at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 11 16:16:10 PDT 2007

Today I tagged along with David Goldberg as he did 16 datalogger downloads.  Here's what we saw erupt:
  Little Squirt: ie at 1242 and still ie at 1450
  Little Cub: 1253 ie (but it quit before we got to Lion group do to downloads)
  Aurum: 1312 (only Aurum I saw this winter season from close up)
  Plume: 1319 and 1445
  Sawmill: 1336 ie and still ie at 1445
  Spasmodic: 1336 ie
  Grotto: ie at 1245, still ie at 1400
  Daisy: 1422
  About the downloads: Datalogger at Plate had been chewed on by critters.  Beehive datalogger looks like it is failing.  Daisy had a couple of long intervals (12-20 hours!)
  Looking at Grotto's data, here is a list of which ones were or were not on the Marathon recovery:
  2/12/07  Giant 510 after a 10.5 day interval: Marathon recovery
  overnight 2/17-2/18 after a 6 day interval: not Marathon recovery
  overnight 2/22-2/23 after a 5 day interval: Marathon recovery
  3/40/07 1345 ie after a 10.5 day interval: not Marathon recovery
  I'm planning on getting out to Giant tomorrow for at least a little while, to see if it will erupt before I leave Old Faithful early Tuesday morning.  David will do the downloads on Riverside, Artemesia, Atomizer, Spouter and Old Faithful tomorrow.
  Karen Low
  (I've been accepted for grad school at University of Montana, where I'm planning on getting a masters and a phd in geology.  Nancy Hinman, who was park geologist in 2000 will be my advisor.)

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