[Geysers] Fenghuoshan geysers

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Sat Mar 10 07:17:21 PST 2007

This is a completely new one to me, encountered today in a single  reference. 
Unfortunately, the reference was published in 1991, and is now  available 
online for $32 (which I'm not going to pay). But should anybody have  access to 
the following journal, it would be wonderful.
GeoJournal, vol. 23, no. 1 (January 1991) p. 73-84, published by Springer  
Now, the curious thing is that this report seems to have been part of the  
XIII INQUA Congress (whatever that is) dated August 2-9, 1991. So what's with  
the January journal? Maybe really 1992?
Anyhow, the place of interest is stated as the Fenghuoshan geysers. Google  
Earthing found a "Fenghuoshan tunnel" along the highway/railroad (one or the  
other) that runs from Qinghai to Tibet. The locality is in Qinghai, well 
outside  of Tibet, at latitude 34.7N longitude 92.9E, altitude about 16,200 feet.
So should somebody have nothing else to do...
Scott Bryan
P.S. Yes, in that Yangbajin photo there is a pipe. Is it the source of the  
eruption? Maybe.
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