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Jeff Cross asked  for the Internet address for the reference I found to the 
Dagyai geyser  locality. Just tried it today, and it doesn't load! But indeed, 
there were  several addresses that came up with the same pages. They included:
_www.tibet.cn/english_ (http://www.tibet.cn/english) 
_www.tibetinfor.com.cn/english_ (http://www.tibetinfor.com.cn/english) 
or do a Google search for the name, Xigaze, etc.
Today, I did other searching, and for the first time managed to find a site  
that specifically states that "fountains, geysers, boiling springs and hot 
water  lakes" existed as of 2003 at Yangbajing. A photo is included, and is 
attached  here. (Previous searching indicates that "fountains" probably translates 
as  perpetual spouters.)
Scott  Bryan
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