[Geysers] Recognizing gazers

Koka, Sreenivas D.D.S., Ph.D. Koka.Sreenivas at mayo.edu
Tue Nov 14 16:32:55 PST 2006

It would be fun to take a picture of gazers and digitally remaster it to switch the faces around and see if folks go by the face for identification or go by the rest of the story to make a positive ID, i.e. build, height, traditional garb that each geyser gazer wears.  
Although, the thought of my face on Bill Warnock's body is an ugly proposition.  Mind you, Bill would probably be tickled brown at the thought.
BTW, being an alum of the school in Ann Arbor...GO BLUE, beat OSU!!
Sree Koka
Rochester, Minnesota


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In a message dated 11/13/2006 6:18:15 PM Pacific Standard Time, mikeg at math.jhu.edu writes:

	I'm not especially good with faces, but I think I can pick out Warren 
	Hoppe, Clark Murray, Andrew Bunning, Matthew McLean (maybe),
	Debbie Sjodin (maybe), Strassers, L.C. (don't know his last name)
	and maybe some Hatfields.

Not sure, but I don't think I see Hoppe, and LC Daugherty I think unlikely due to the September 1 (2003) date. Not sure on the Hatfields or Sjodin. Fairly close to the camera includes Clark Murray and (I think) Mike Newcomb. Way off in the distance is George Schroeder; another photo shows Sue Schoreder and KC Thomson. And I think that's Thomas, not Kevin, Barger.
By the way, this set of photos includes a nice Lower Mortar minor at 0756; the earliest photo showing Fan in eruption is timestamped 0838. So yes, it was a successful F&M watch.
Want another one, perhaps easier this time? Also on September 1, but 2002 this time.
Scott Bryan
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