[Geysers] Fond Memories

Tara Cross fanandmortar at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 14 13:14:38 PST 2006

Okay, you made me do it.  Here's as complete a list as I could come up with.

On the far left, with the large umbrellas, are a bunch of Frizes.  Next, Stacey Glasser (in the gray sweatshirt, videotaping), Cynthia Barwin, Sue Schroeder, and George Schroeder.  Next are some people who probably didn't realize they were going to get a face full of Main Vent, but on the right hand side of that group are Dave DeWitt and Dick Powell.  Then there's a break, and then Ann Scharf, my head (took me a while to find myself), Paul Strasser, Linda Strasser, Lynn Stephens, Suzanne Strasser, Rich Glasser, Debbie Sjodin, Kitt Barger, Julie (not quite yet) Thomson, Mike Newcomb, Andrew Bunning, Clark Murray, and Graham Meech.  Sitting on the bench is Thomas Barger, standing on the ground is Matthew McLean, and sitting on the jugwalk is Bill Barger.  And, if you're really into straining your eyes:  the hat behind Clark probably belongs to KC Thomson, and I even found the back of Allan Friedman's head behind Kitt.

Perhaps Scott also took a picture looking the other way, at the ridiculous number of bikes parked on the bridge.  Barry Schwarz, who arrived at Old Faithful during the event cycle, said that he knew something was going on when he pulled into Hams and there was "no parking and no bikes."

--Tara Cross
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