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I'm not  especially good with faces, but I think I can pick out Warren 
Hoppe, Clark  Murray, Andrew Bunning, Matthew McLean (maybe),
Debbie Sjodin (maybe),  Strassers, L.C. (don't know his last name)
and maybe some  Hatfields.

Not sure, but I don't think I see Hoppe, and LC Daugherty I think unlikely  
due to the September 1 (2003) date. Not sure on the Hatfields or Sjodin. Fairly 
 close to the camera includes Clark Murray and (I think) Mike Newcomb. Way  
off in the distance is George Schroeder; another photo shows Sue Schoreder and  
KC Thomson. And I think that's Thomas, not Kevin, Barger.
By the way, this set of photos includes a nice Lower Mortar minor at 0756;  
the earliest photo showing Fan in eruption is timestamped 0838. So yes, it was 
a  successful F&M watch.
Want another one, perhaps easier this time? Also on September 1, but 2002  
this time.
Scott Bryan
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