[Geysers] Tatio energy exploration

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Fri Jan 13 16:01:22 PST 2006

I received the following email today concerning El Tatio and Puchuldiza
Geysers, Chile. My understanding --from reading the Santiago newspaper
online for the last several months-- is that the government has issued a
license for immediate geothermal exploration at El Tatio (and presumably
from the email, Puchuldiza too).  A www.google.cl search for "Tatio" will
find a few relevant stories.

I am sure that the sender would be happy to hear from anyone interested in
the situation.

J. Alan Glennon
UCSB Geography

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From: Pablo Cañarte González <pablocanarte at gmail.com>
Subject: Help Mr. Glennon Danger Explorations of El Tatio and Puchuldiza
Geysers in Chile

Sergio Cortes, Pablo Cañarte and People of San Pedro de Atacama ( Carlos
Aguilar and Veronica Moreno ) We need your help. They want to exploit the
fields geotérmicos of The Tatio ( Calama- San Pedro de Atacama ) and
Puchuldiza-Tuja ( Colchane ). We are afraid of your destructions fields if
it is not realized Correctly . Ambiental Alert! Thanks!!!

civetcor at vtr.net ( E-mail Sergio Cortés )

Pablo Cañarte González
"In Situ" Desarrollo Sustentable&Cultura
Filomena Valenzuela 125-A ( Cavancha )
Móvil: 0 / 89092432
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