[Geysers] Fountain and Silex

Graham Meech meechg at erols.com
Fri Sep 23 16:09:31 PDT 2005

I got to see a series of eruptions of Silex on Sept 6th.  I was waiting for
Clepsydra to restart after a Fountain eruption and then noticed the steam
cloud over the hill at the same time as Donna Friz called that Silex was


The eruption series was:

1104ns major d>= 6m which ended with a complete drain and a nice whirlpool
and gurgling.  This was followed by violent refill activity.

1130 minor d=1m45s - not a very strong minor but certainly more than the
violent refilling.  Small drain followed by violent refill.

1140 minor d=6m - this was a strong minor (similar to the initial) but did
not overflow.  Followed by a whirlpool and partial drain.  There was a slow
refill until around 1205 when it got more violent.

1236 minor d=2m20s with very little drain and a slow refill.  By 1400 it
looked like it was going to refill to overflow.


Fountain was interesting to watch as always.  Eruption I saw had durations
from 17-28 minutes long and each eruption I saw had Clepsydra quietly stop
5-8 minutes after Fountain started.  Clepsydra restarted 9-11 minutes after
Fountain quit.  For some eruptions Jet was frequent prior to Fountain (7-13m
intervals) but before two eruptions there was only one Jet eruption 6
minutes Fountain started.  In these two cases Jet intervals were 75 and >120


I also noticed that in some of the Jet eruptions the water level would rise
in Sizzler and then drain after Jet's eruption.  I had not noticed this
connection before.  Maybe with all the changes to this feature it will
become another vent for Jet to erupt out of soon.


>From Fountain I also saw 14 eruptions of Kaleidoscope in a 29 minute period
on September 16th.  Did anyone mention that Giant erupted on the 16th too?




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