[Geysers] Thud Group question

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In recent years there have been 2 commonly active geysers in the area-Kidney
Spring and Jug Spring.  Kidney erupts every 18-35 minutes and reaches about
2 feet.  Jug erupts every 2-6 minutes and reaches a few inches.  As recently
as 2002, two small UNNGs on the side of Stirrup Spring were also active.
Thud Geyser was weakly active following earthquake activity in December of
2001 or 2002 (I don't remember at this moment).


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Scott's post about Fungoid Spring stimulates me to ask: does anything in
the Thud Group erupt on a consistent basis?  What are the most common
performers?  How many geysers were active there this summer?

Jeff Cross
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