[Geysers] Geyser report Monday Sept 19

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Mon Sep 19 15:11:24 PDT 2005

I was in the geyser basins from about 0730 until 1400 today, about 50-50  UGB 
and LGB. Totally (100%) cloud free, but a strong wind at times. And wet 40s  
forcast for next weekend.
Silex was active this morning, a bit less than 3 days from last Friday's  
action. I was there in time to see some of the last minor eruptons as the crater  
filled. By the way, though quite opaque, the water was blue during the  
Fountain was ie at 0740, ended at 0802, and it quite clearly had erupted  
again a fair time prior to my visit at 1330. Meaning short mode  today.
Plume gave intervals of 56, 51 and 51 minutes.
>From initial to #2, Lion had an interval of 90 minutes.
Unless missed during very short spans when it was out of sight, Daisy did  
not erupt between 0900 and 1300.
Another odd start by Grotto. Grotto Fountain was 1004 very near start (it  
might have been 1003, but definitely not earlier than that). Grotto did not  
start until 1018, so a 14 minute delay, and the start was exceptionally _weak_.  
Ten feet? Maybe? And Grotto Fountain kept on and on, resembling some the  
eruption I saw in 1988 that I referred to as the "steam break" eruption; that  one 
would repeatedly die down to nothing, or even a weak steam phase but then  
restart with full force over a total duration of 53 minutes. This one was not  
that extreme, but the play did nearly stop then pick up and etc several times.  
It finally quit after 29 minutes, _exactly_ when Mike Lang radioed the start 
of  a Giant Hot Period.
That hot period was not much, Mastiff maybe to 1 foot, duration about 5  
Finally, though there appear to have been no eruptions, two items from the  
Westside Group, seen Saturday and again today. The largest pool in the area,  
which of all those features is closest to the trail, is doing something  
intermittent, generally standing an inch or two below its scalloped rim but  
producing a gently washed area at its east side. And YM-210 is intermittently  
overflowing its rim, flooding areas that have been dry for months/years.
Scott Bryan
A non-geyser request, please. I have a step daughter who is the family's  
"black sheep" (some in the family do not care what happened to her,  but...). She 
and her husband live(d) in Bay St. Louis, MS. There is little  doubt that 
they were wiped out by Hurricane Katrina, but at this point we have  heard 
absolutely nothing. We cannot even seem to learn the status of their  property 
address. Might anybody have a hint of a Website, Internet mail query,  or phone 
number that might help? We (several family members) have tried some to  no avail.
Off list, of course: _TSBryan at aol.com_ (mailto:TSBryan at aol.com) 
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