[Geysers] New secondary email for MA Bellingham

MA Bellingham mabell126 at bresnan.net
Sun Sep 18 06:58:09 PDT 2005

As I prepare to move to Emigrant I am readying for life without a phone line
for a while.  Eventually I will get one, but for a period of time will be
able to check email at various internet outlets occasionally.


After I get email I will still keep this msn address as a secondary email. 

I will send another note when I pull the plug on the "bresnan" address.  


The new email is


mabdepot at msn.com


Those of you who correspond with me might want to make a note of it now. 

Send me a note and add it to your contacts list!


Thanks, MA



M.A. Bellingham

mabell126 at bresnan.net



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