[Geysers] GIANT! 16 September 0956

MaryBeth Schwarz mbschwar at hotmail.com
Fri Sep 16 11:53:44 PDT 2005

     Graham Meech reported Grotto Ftn at 0603ie and Grotto at 0605 (off by 

     Giant hot periods 16 September were at 0632 (6m 30s,  Graham Meech) and 
0808 (~3m 26s, Suzanne).

     At 0943 Graham said that Mastiff was slowly rising.  Feather started at 
0949.  At about 4 minutes Graham called Mastiff to the height of Giant's 
cone!  Mastiff erupted at 0954 (to ~35 feet Lynn said and Catfish had a tall 
thin eruption).  Giant started at 0956.  Duration was 105 minutes.  Cave did 
not erupt.  Graham, Lynn and others may send more details.  Several gazers 
saw Giant for the first time.  Julie T. screamed when Mastiff erupted and 
someone thought she had seen a bear and was scared.

     At 1112 Daisy erupted and Grotto at 1145ie ( very near the start) 
without Grotto Fountain.

     Grand was at 0123 electronic time and 0847 (Lynn).  Beehive's indicator 
was ie at 1154 (Lynn on the way back from Giant) and Beehive at 1158.  
Little Squirt was 1201ie.

     SILEX was at 0817ie (seen by Steve and he drove back to the UGB to let 
folks know).

     What a fine day with the geysers!

     Mary Beth

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