[Geysers] Geyser report September 14

TSBryan at aol.com TSBryan at aol.com
Wed Sep 14 16:19:06 PDT 2005

Back and forth between the basins today, so my observations were scattered.  
The more significant:
Fountain was ie at 0730 (in dense fog), then erupted at 1130, so a longish  
short-mode interval of about 4 1/2 hours.
Silex has not erupted since last Thursday, per markers.
Great Fountain was at 1237, an interval of 11h 51m (OV~92 min, P=0).
Grand was at 0849, I=6h 45m (T1C). As seen from Oblong, Grand had  afterburst 
activity starting at 0912.
Several of us caught Uncertain at 1049.
Grotto was in marathon, having started at about 2100 yesterday.
And Beehive at 1352, Indicator of 15 minutes, interval = 20h 06m.
Scott Bryan
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